TW LEDDim Smart Pill

TW LEDDim Smart Pill is a revolutionary Tunable White (TW) phase control dimmer to be installed in a recessed ceiling, a wall box or similarin order to control one or more fittings. The dimmer is controlled via app using Bluetooth (BLE), Smart Switch or using a push switch. 

When using the SG Smart Gateway, it's also possible to set a daylight sequence which changes colour and intensity throughout the course of the day. You can then choose a standard rhythm, or you can set your own.

Includes 5-pole coupling box, making ceiling installations easy. When used in a wall box or similar, simply cut the wires. For use with SG TW LEDDim luminaires. Until now, Tunable White has only been possible with DALI DT8, which requires a DALI installation. With TW LEDDim Smart Pill, all you need is a normal power supply. 


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