Lempäälä House

Project description

Lempäälä House is a modern service centre in the Finnish town of Lempäälä, with an area of 20,000 m2. The centre brings together under three roofs many different services offered by the municipality and private companies. It accommodates the main library, parish office, tax office, information centre, fitness centre and saunas, as well as restaurants and car parking.

Lighting solution

Aro Systems Oy wanted to create a solution that would be easy to install and that would highlight the profile ceiling by replacing a piece of profile according to the architect’s plans. SG Armaturen developed and delivered a linear lighting solution that included pre-assembled wiring and brackets so that the lighting simply needed to be lifted into position and the brackets locked. The solution received a lot of attention thanks to SG Armaturen’s innovative solution adapted to the customer’s needs.

Lempäälä House
Manttaalitie 15
37500 Lempäälä

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