The ideal shop lighting is to showcase the product to its best advantage

The clear objective of the ideal shop lighting is to showcase the product to its best advantage, both by highlighting its physical shape and by creating an atmosphere around the product, always with a view to promoting sales of the product.

SG has the expertise and experience to create the optimum retail lighting solution. 
Energy savings also play an important role. Many shops find operating costs in the form of rent and consumption quite a challenge. Accordingly, energy-efficient lighting can definitely make a positive contribution to the bottom line.

The lighting solution needs to be tailored to each area so as to create the perfect setting for the user, whilst not using any more energy than is absolutely necessary.

Sector 03.jpg
Tovdal 03.jpg
Bell 10.jpg
Sector Tube 06.jpg
Concido 03.jpg
Zip Pro 03.jpg
Zip Pro 05.jpg
Zip Pro Mini 02.jpg
Place 02.jpg
Zip Pro 04.jpg
Vision 01.jpg
Sense Opalprism 03.jpg
Vision 03.jpg
Sector Tube 04.jpg
Zip Zoom 10.jpg
EcoLine 08.jpg
Concido 02.jpg
Zip Pro 02.jpg
Sector Tube 05.jpg
Vision 02.jpg
Basic 02.jpg
Sense Opalprism - ZipZoom 01.jpg
EcoLine 07.jpg
Basic 03.jpg

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