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SG Armaturen makes quality products that provide energy-efficient lighting with a long service life. We work actively to reduce the amount of materials used in our products and packaging, and increasingly use recycled raw materials.



EPD stands for Environmental Product Declarations and is a document that addresses the environmental aspects of the life cycle of a product, component or service. The EPD is designed according to objective criteria in ISO standards. The method makes it possible to compare the environmental information of products within the same category, regardless of country.

We are working hard to develop EPDs for our products. In a life cycle analysis, we review the environmental impact of our products in the production phase, the use phase and the disposal phase. The EPD is also a decision-making tool when we choose which measures or goals we are working towards. For example, we realise that phasing in recycled material has a major impact on the EPD of our products. The EPD can also be used by our customers when working on their own climate accounts.

Phasing out of fluorescent lamps

This is described in the Ecodesign Directive 2019/2020/EU and the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU, and takes place in combination with the major developments in LED technology. Our industry plays a central role in the green shift by getting hazardous substances out of circulation and improving lighting to reduce energy consumption. New technology is much more energy efficient, so switching to new solutions is both more financially profitable and better for the environment. At SG, we have focused on developing tools and information to clarify the benefits of new solutions and the opportunities they offer.

Energy efficient

LED technology has been a revolution when it comes to lumens per watt - or light for money. In addition, the smart energy management capabilities enabled by new technology, such as sensors and dimming options, make it easier to customise the light to the customer's needs. When you switch from old fluorescent luminaires to our new LED luminaires, energy consumption is reduced by up to 80-90 per cent.

SG Armaturen works closely with our subcontractors on LED modules and LED drivers to provide our customers with the best solutions. The service life has also become much longer, a modern LED luminaire lasts from 50-100,000 hours, in practice more than 25 years.

Material and packaging

Design and product development take place at our offices in Denmark and Norway. This is where decisions are made that affect the product's lifespan, whether it is easy to pack and transport, whether it can be repaired, whether resources can be recycled and how much waste is generated.

As far as possible, we choose recycled materials with low weight. Junistar Bio, launched in 2023, is made of biocircular material and has 40 per cent less material than a comparable product. We endeavour as far as possible to avoid plastic. We wrap our products in cardboard and paper, and ensure that they are packaged so that they take up little space on a pallet and in a container.


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