Work life & Human Rights

Since its inception in 1990, SG Armaturen has emphasised creating a safe, inclusive and stimulating workplace for all employees. We are driven by a passion for responsible growth, which in turn gives us the opportunity to give back to society.

Transparency Act

The Transparency Act applies to all large companies in Norway and aims to ensure that businesses do everything they can to safeguard fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in their value chain. The Act came into force in July 2022 and applies to all major companies operating in Norway. SG Armaturen continuously reviews our supply chain, conducts due diligence, and submits an annual report in which we explain what we have found and how we deal with what we have found.

Humanitarian initiatives and projects

Right from the start, SG Armaturen has had owners with a genuine desire to make a difference in the world. They are committed to responsible growth, but also have a long-term commitment to human needs outside their core business. Part of the company's profits are invested in humanitarian projects around the world.

"At SG, we help to provide people with healthcare, education and opportunities. It's work we don't talk about much, but it's work we're very proud of.


Environmental and
Social Responsibility


Energy & Emission


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Business Ethics

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